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We are a group of nutritionally oriented health professionals who combine innovative ideas in nutrition and holistic health with the latest developments in mainstream medicine.


Dr. Emmanuel Gelin is a board certified Internist. He has been serving the community for 15 years. His Integrative approach to patient care allows him to utilize the best of both Complementary & Western Medicine.


 Following a complete medical history and physical examination, appropriate laboratory tests are ordered. In addition to routine testing of blood and urine , vitamin and mineral levels and heavy metals may be measured. Specialized tests are offered to evaluate heart, lung, immune and metabolic function. The result of this comprehensive evaluation is an individual treatment plan.


Treatment programs emphasize life style changes including dietary and exercise recommendations, vitamin and mineral supplements as well as stress management programs.


These life-enhancing programs are based on cutting edge research and are designed to help you obtain optimal health.

A holistic way to improving your health.

Welcome to the World of Holistic Healing!

Available Treatments

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