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The staff has changed my life! After many years of suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia - their wholistic approach to treatment helped me recover and lead a normal life. They are not only excellent health professionals but also soothing, sensitive and caring people who listen to their patients’ needs. Before being referred to them, I never thought I’d actually enjoy going to a doctor !

I have had colds and sore throats my entire life. i would get up every morning with a post nasal drip down my throat . Then I went to see the staff at Holistic Health for You. We discussed my health issue; my diet & my blood type. They explained about blood type and diet and asked me how much dairy I was eating, My answer was that “ dairy is my life". Pizza, milk, yogurt; cheese, etc etc. They told me that if I stop the dairy that the post nasal drip would stop. They asked me how I felt in general and i asnwered “ retty good”, They said that once I change my diet "you dont know what good really feels like" I reluctanly agreed to give it a try. After the 4th week, i woke up with no nasal drip, I had more energy and no more half asleep after each meal, I still do not eat any dairy ; I take the suggested supplements and I have had no sore throats & rarely get a cold. I feel great and i owe it all to them. I see them regularly for preventive health.

I found your office via a fellow sufferer at my chiropractor’s office. I was in chronic pain, seeing the chiro 3x a week and feeling very suicidal and hopeless. Pain will do that to you. I knew from the first visit your staff was different and they took the time to really listen to me. They assessed my health, talked honestly with me and started me immediatly on a vegan diet and colonics. Within 2 months I no longer had back pain, lost 20 lbs, and was feeling hopeful. They added supplements to my regimen after doing muscle testing.,My improved my eyesight, some food cravings were gone and my moods improved & my breath was sweet, They became my primary health care provider and I will be forever grateful to them. Now, years later, I am now a colonic irrigation therapist myself, and nutritional counselor specializing in support for those with addictions. I moved to another part of the country, healed my relationships with family and feel younger at 51 than I did in my 30's. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for saving my life. I mean that wholeheartedly."

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