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Ascorbyl Palmitate is a fat-soluble vitamin C that delivers antioxidant protection to areas of the body where conventional vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can’t reach.


What Is Ascorbyl Palmitate?


Getting enough vitamin C is important to your overall health. Maintaining optimal levels of vitamin C can help promote longevity. This form of vitamin C can cross cell membranes and other biological barriers, delivering free radical-scavenging ascorbic acid to regions that would otherwise be unreachable.

Unlike ascorbic acid, which is water-soluble, ascorbyl palmitate can cross cell membranes and other biological barriers.

Ascorbyl Palmitate Benefits 

  • Provides fat-soluble antioxidant protection
  • Reaches tissue areas ascorbic acid cannot
  • Maintains optimal levels of circulating ascorbic acid longer than ordinary ascorbic acid



Ascorbyl Palmitate

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