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Transdermal Formulation

active ingredient is XANTHOHUMOL

XANSKIN (Meridium(xanthohumo)l cream)

  • Designed to deliver Lucedin xanthohumal from hops flower, various botanical compounds and nutrients, deep into skin cells to boost various important genes such as oxytocin, retinoic acid, and oxidative stress gene. The cream penetrates deeply into the skin over a 2-3 hours of period. Designed to be applied in the evening, and allowed to soak in over at least 2 hours before washing face prior to sleep if desired. Anti-aging, skin softening, anti-inflammatory, and overall health of the skin.

    • Helps Heal Damaged Skin
    • Boosts Retinoid Production
    • Increase Oxytocin Production
    • Penetrates Deep Into Skin Cells
    • Anti-Inflammatory, Heals Burns
    • Reduces Joint Pain
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